ROSEMARY VALADON – A Sensual World. Survey show at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, 1 April – 8 May 2016

(N)Rosemary in garden 2016 (for blog In the tradition of Grace Cossington Smith and Margaret Preston, Rosemary Valadon has reinterpreted a distinctly Australian femininity and domestic aesthetic.  This timely survey looks at 25 years of Valadon's work: from the Goddess, Finding the Feminine and Wicked Women series which reinterpret myths and stereotypes of women, to her latest large-scale still life panoramas that celebrate the rich experience of living in Hill End, where she has been based for over a decade. Opens Friday 1 April @ 6pm.  To be opened by Tara Moss, Author Public Program: Documentary launch: Rosemary Valadon - A Sensual World + Q & A with film maker Professor Larissa Behrendt & Rosemary Valadon on Sunday 10 April @ 1pm.