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ROSEMARY VALADON – A Sensual World. Survey show at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, 1 April – 8 May 2016

(N)Rosemary in garden 2016 (for blog In the tradition of Grace Cossington Smith and Margaret Preston, Rosemary Valadon has reinterpreted a distinctly Australian femininity and domestic aesthetic.  This timely survey looks at 25 years of Valadon's work: from the Goddess, Finding the Feminine and Wicked Women series which reinterpret myths and stereotypes of women, to her latest large-scale still life panoramas that celebrate the rich experience of living in Hill End, where she has been based for over a decade. Opens Friday 1 April @ 6pm.  To be opened by Tara Moss, Author Public Program: Documentary launch: Rosemary Valadon - A Sensual World + Q & A with film maker Professor Larissa Behrendt & Rosemary Valadon on Sunday 10 April @ 1pm.

Dress to Kill

Imogen & Rosemarywinner Best Dressed (Dress to Kill)Best Dressed contestantFoxtrot India teaching stripping II The event Dress to Kill was a great night at the J & P Museum - lessons by Foxtrot India in the history and art of striptease: taking off a glove, the hip movements, the leg frame etc, performances by Imogen Kelly, live music with dancing, life drawing (people in the juror's seats drawing the model in the cell in the middle of the courtroom), mug shots, great mexican food. Wonderful work by HHT in getting this together. Life Drawing Dress to Kill

Wicked Women Exhibition

Welcome to my new website and blog where I can keep you up to date with the events in my working life.  At the moment  Im very happy to say that Wicked Women, at the Justice & Police Museum,  is going very well and will  be extended for another month to finish late May.  There has been a lot of feedback on the show, and appreciation of the video showing the process of creating the works.  The portraits of the women were always intended to divulge the sitters personality, as well as the play-acting involved in emulating these covers and posters of the '20's to '50's era. SPECIAL EVENTS  - DRESS TO KILL There are a series of special events planned around the show, and the first event, Dress to Kill, is on Friday Feb 1st.  Imogen Kelly, one of the subjects,  will be performing - Imogen was awarded the World Queen of Burlesque title last year. Many of the subjects will be there on the night.  All welcome - break out your vintage clothes, we should have a ball!! To Book go to Historic Houses website or ring them on 1300 448849     header1 Web Design Sydney