Natura Morta – AUTUMN HARVEST – Orange Regional Gallery November 2014 – 11th January 2015

This wonderful, peaceful exhibition is still open, closing in a few days time on the 11th January. It features work by Bill Moseley, Genevieve Carroll, Luke Sciberras, Euan McLeod, Guy Maestri, among others. My work - "Rosemary's Garden, Autumn Harvest" sits on the end wall. Here is an extract from the catalogue by Gavin Wilson, the Curator. Rosemary's Garden-Autumn Harvest (S)
The artist’s mastery of chiaroscuro creates the effect of anointing each subject chosen for the table with a sense of purpose, reminiscent of the great 17th century Flemish painters such as Pieter Claesz and Frans Snyders. The horizontal format allows the viewer to leisurely peruse the tableau, contemplating the weight, shape, tone and texture of each object in this intriguing assembly. As Valadon points out: ‘… the subjects are what I regularly grow in my garden (with the pumpkin, corn, chillies and persimmon supplied by neighbours) …the yabbies cooked and uncooked are from my dam …and I have made very successful quince paste from the quinces.’ The one sombre note in the composition is the figure of a dead rabbit tucked up beside a bowl of produce at the centre of the table. Yet, it too will enter the food chain as a tasty morsel from the artist’s kitchen. Rosemary’s Garden – Autumn Harvest, speaks of time passing – as Hill End’s long, frosty winter is about to take hold. Gavin Wilson -  Exhibition Curator