‘Aspects of Australian Pop & Popism’ Spot 81 Gallery, Chippendale, 14/1/15-8/2/15

I have 2 works in the above show curated by the enigmatic Professor Peter Pinson.  It runs from 14th January to 8th February, with drinks next Saturday 17th January from 3-5pm. In Peter's catalogue essay he refers to my work using the pop imagery of the '50's.Essie Davis - Vengeance is Mine (s) "Rosemary Valadon, a highly accomplished figurative painter who had won both the Blake Prize for religious art and the Portia Geach Memorial Award for portraiture, used the cover illustrations of mid-20th century pulp detective fiction publications as the templates for portraits of prominent Australian women writers and actors. Her paintings engage issues of homage, role-playing, and filmic drama, together with complex feminist subtexts. These “Wicked Women” Popist paintings of Rosemary Valadon demonstrate how fertile the field of popular visual culture continues to be for artists, and how adaptive and enduring the continuing legacy of Pop art has proved to be." Peter Pinson
'Murder by the Book' (Tara Moss)_(s)

Equiries about this exhibition can be made with peter@peterpinsonartdealer.com or

 Gallery Director Michelle Perry - info@spot81.com