SHADOWS OF DESIRE – Wagner Contemporary 31 August 2019 – 25 September 2019

Shadows of Desire

In recent work, Rosemary Valadon re-engages the still life tradition and the shadows cast by gender roles and stereotypes that upset the easy search for domestic bliss. Here an amazing table ensemble becomes a theatre set for an unsettling feminine eye, rendered with humour and suspended desire. Her new exhibition, Shadows of Desire, explores the artist’s studio with a deeply personal approach, bringing into focus meaningful objects that furnish Valadon’s life and work within the remote historic town of Hill End in central NSW. As stated by art critic, Bruce James, “Hill End offers Rosemary the perfect venue for this act of artistic revival”.  The artist also draws inspiration from her garden, which is renowned in the community for its fruit trees and rose beds, and from the region’s contrasting seasons and extreme climate. Although her work is strongly autobiographical, Valadon successfully tackles contemporary issues which underpin her experience and views on feminist identity, encompassing archetypes of women in society, stereotypes, mythology and iconic storytelling. Her symbolism reflects an ongoing preoccupation with classical artistic traditions and the role of nature in art, alongside juxtaposing iconography related to violence, death, sex and religion. WAGNER CONTEMPORARY, Hampden St, Paddington, NSW  •  T: 02 9360 6069  •  M: 0419 251 013 Tuesday-Sunday: 10:30am-6pm  •  Monday: by appointment E: Contact Us

Maitland Regional Art Gallery – ‘TEXTURES OF DESIRE’

Opens December 1st 3pm. Floor talk at 4pm.  All welcome!Maitland invitation + dates for clients LATEST copy


Rosemary Valadon 7 July Event jpeg

Please join me for the special events on Saturday 7th July.  Here are some of the works from the exhibition.

The Artist's Desk 2, 2018 oil on canvas 64 x 137cmThe Artists Desk 2 .jpg for web

 The Artist's Desk 1, 2018 oil on canvas 61 x 137cmThe Artist's Desk 1 jpg. for web

Studio Still Life, 77 x 91cmStudio Still Life 2018 for web

The full show can be seen on Wagner Contemporary's website: www.wagnercontemporary.com.au

Hope to see you there, Rosemary

‘Interiors’ group show Orange Regional Art Gallery, being launched Friday 13th April 6-8pm

I have two works in this exhibition, featuring my studio with objects collected over many years, with views to the garden.  'Studio looking North' looks towards the front fence with light coming from the french doors on the left.  'Studio looking West' shows the french doors, my cat Roman, and the garden .  Both these works are 106 x 137cm, oil on canvas, and will be part of my solo show at Wagner Contemporary, after the exhibition in Orange. Studio Looking North 2018 (for web)

Studio Looking North, 2018, oil on canvas 137 x 106cm

Studio Looking West 2018 (for web)

Studio Looking West, 2018, oil on canvas 137 x 106cm

40×40 show – Wagner Contemporary – opens Sat 18th November 4-6pm

I have painted a series of flower studies titled 'Ode to Margery'. These five works celebrate my Mother who passed away last year. Mum loved gardening, and these are some of her favourite flowers which I am growing in Hill End.
'Ode to Margery I' (s)Ode to Margery 1 Ode to Margery II (s)Ode to Margery 2 Ode to Margery III (s) Ode to Margery 3 Ode to Margery IV (s) Ode to Margery 4 Ode to Margery V (s)Ode to Margery 5 Please join us on Saturday 18th, 4-6pm, at the Gallery - Wagner Contemporary, 2 Hamden St, Paddington, for this final show of the year.  Friends and families welcome. All works are 40 x 40 cm. The exhibition showcases the following artists:
Min-Woo Bang, Dagmar Cyrulla, Melissa Egan, David Fairbairn, Sai-Wai Foo, Nick Hall, Mark Hislop, Marcella Kaspar, Deborah Marks, Kerry McInnis, Eleanor Millard, Christopher Orchard, Nick Stathopoulos, Neil Taylor, Rosemary Valadon, Judith White, Jo Young.


I am a finalist in the EMSLA (Eutick Memorial Still Life Award) which is opening on the 10th November and running until the 9th December.

The exhibition is now held at the Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong.

My work is titled 'Spring Tondo'.  Its oil on wood, 122cm x 122cm.