Great time at WW panel discussion

Back home to the cats, wild rabbits, kangaroos etc, and the roses blooming again.  it was a wonderful night on Friday at the panel discussion mediated by Annette Shun Wah and panel members Larissa Behrendt, Charles Waterstreet and Antonella Gambotto-Burke.  Talk ranged from the possibility of being 'wicked' as a virtue, to woman as 'source', how each sitter felt about the portrait process and their own stories of what was brought up for them.  My intention in painting these portraits, was to show the 'dark' side of personality that is not usually seen, but to keep it a fantasy, play acting, dressing up - not necessary to act out on these impulses.  There is only one drop of blood (painted) in the entire show, and in this painting I made the gun fire (Billion Dollar Body).  I had a wonderful time and thank Historic Houses Trust for putting on this event, and to the panel and all the people who attended, my heartfelt thanks.